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Are you up to date on the latest industry regulations? Do you know what’s happening in your state? WVS is here to help! Staying informed is crucial, and we're committed to providing you with the resources you need. Select your state below to discover the laws and regulations specific to you. Each link connects you to CASAA, a consumer advocacy nonprofit organization that keeps you informed about legislation, policies, and laws impacting the vaping industry. Let WVS guide you to the information you need to stay compliant and informed.


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Stay Informed and Prepared: PMTA Bills Guide

Below is a list of states with introduced PMTA registry bills. Some are newly proposed, while others have advanced to hearings, posing immediate threats to vaping consumers and businesses.

We’ve provided links to the bills (typically one link if there are both house and senate versions) and a second link if the Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) has issued a call to action.

CASAA issues calls to action when bills gain traction among legislators or when committee hearings are scheduled or imminent. If CASAA has issued a call to action, the bill is a serious threat, and prompt responses from vaping and nicotine consumers are crucial.

Remember, even if a bill hasn't prompted a call to action yet, it could gain momentum at any time. If your state isn't currently facing a threat, one may develop soon. WVS is here to help you find the information you need to take action.

You can view all active CASAA calls to action here.

Bill HB 65  |  
CASAA Call to Action

Bill SB 1212   |  CASAA Call to Action

Bill HB 1356   |  
CASAA Call to Action

Bills H 1007 / S 1006   |  CASAA Call to Action 

Bill HB 1260   |  CASAA Call to Action

Bills SB 3385 / HB 2794

Bill S 1366   |  
CASAA Call to Action

Bill HB 5069   |  CASAA Call to Action

Bill SB 227   |  CASAA Call to Action

Bills SF 2402
/ HF 2677  |  CASAA Call to Action

Bill HB 2801  |  CASAA Call to Action

Bills HB 11 / SB 344  |  CASAA Call to Action

Bills HB 1033 / SB 987Bill HB 1197
  |  CASAA Call to Action

Bills SB 2441 / HB 790Bill HB 1660Bill SB 2886   |  
CASAA Call to Action

Bill HB 2211   |  CASAA Call to Action

Bill LB 1296  Bill LB 1204  LB 1296  |  
CASAA Call to Action

New Hampshire
Bill HB 1591
  |  CASAA Call to Action

New York
Bill A 3404

Bill HB 3971  |  CASAA Call to Action

South Carolina
Bill S 994  |  CASAA Call to Action

South Dakota
Bill SB 116  |  CASAA Call to Action 

Bill SB 61
  |  CASAA Call to Action

Bill HB 729

Bills HB 1069 / SB 550
  |  CASAA Call to Action

Washington State
Bill SB 6118   |  
CASAA Call to Action

West Virginia
Bills SB 545 / HB 5038

Bill SF 107   |  CASAA Call to Action