WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Hotbox LUXE 12K Disposable - 1 Pack
Hotbox LUXE 12K Disposable - 1 Pack
Hotbox LUXE 12K Disposable - 1 Pack

Hotbox LUXE 12K Disposable - 1 Pack

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Product Information

    The Hotbox Luxe Vape is a proprietary design that is expertly crafted with the best materials to ensure each device is robust, durable, and ready for whatever you can throw at it!. The stealthy and compact Hotbox Luxe vape is absolutely stunning! Each unit features a clear outer shell, colored inner walls, and custom backgrounds designed by real artists, giving them an authentic vibe that other vapes just can’t match. The Luxe also features a translucent panel where you can see the high quality USA designed internals and chipset. Just below the ‘Hotbox’ branded chipset is the color LCD display screen, which provides exceptional, accurate feedback indicating both the current e-liquid and battery power levels. We also included a Hotbox branded lanyard for your Hotbox Luxe device. This keeps your vape right where you want it when on the go!

    The Hotbox Luxe Disposable is the perfect all day vape! The Luxe charges very quickly thanks to its USB-C Rapid Charging port and charges in under 30 minutes. The Hotbox Luxe Vape also features a massive 20mL e-juice capacity providing you with 12,000 thick, milky, flavorful puffs. Arguably the best part of the Hotbox Luxe is the custom crafted premium e-liquids. These expertly balanced and steeped vape juices are available in 50mg (5%) nicotine strength. While the parts of the Luxe vape are incredibly impressive on their own, the magic happens when you combine them. The PurMesh Flavor Technology Coil System, exclusively crafted e-liquid flavors, and adjustable airflow combine to deliver outstanding performance for seasoned and new vapers alike!


    • 12K Puffs per Device
    • Pre-Filled with 20mL of E-Liquid
    • PurMesh Flavor Technology Coil System – Intense Flavor Production
    • Integrated 700mAh Rechargeable Battery
    • Color E-Juice & Battery Display Screen
    • Stunning Clear Shell with Holographic colored walls and Holographic Custom Backgrounds
    • Translucent Panel to see the USA Designed Internals & Chipset
    • Adjustable Airflow
    • USB Type C Port Rapid Charging Port
    • Lanyard Loop for easy carrying - Branded Lanyard included with every Hotbox Luxe
    • 50mg (5%) Nicotine Strength


    • 1 x Hotbox Luxe Disposable Vape 12000 Puffs

    Master Case Qty: 200